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Hee Wing

Hee Wing T1 Ranger 730mm wingspan

Hee Wing T1 Ranger 730mm wingspan

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Hee Wing RC's most popular model! It's small, twin motor and easy to disassemble for transportation. 

T1 Ranger - PNP comes mostly assembled with preinstalled electronics

"As a Pro FPV Wing Pilot and Racer, I am thrilled to share the remarkable features of the T1 Pro Aircraft with you, especially its outstanding bridging capabilities. This aircraft serves as the perfect bridge between quadcopters and fixed-wing FPV, allowing quad pilots to effortlessly explore the world of fixed-wing flight. In addition to its exceptional bridging design, the T1 pro boasts an incredibly user-friendly assembly process, enabling you to get it up in the air quickly and easily. Furthermore, should you ever need replacement parts, rest assured they are readily available, ensuring that your flying experience remains uninterrupted."  
- Shelby Voll, USA 


1. Small, lightweight and portable at 730mm wingspan
2. Quick disassembly design. Assemble and disassemble for transportion in a minute
3. Powerful twin motor for thrust to weight ratio as high as 1.71 *PNP version only
4. Superb aerodynamic design. Stable at low speed
5. Large internal space to carry battery and electronics with high flexibility to achieve the best CG 
6. Front and rear hatch for maximum flexibility organising your electronics
7. Dedicated front FPV camera mount
8. White foam is now the same high dense version as Gray foam
9. New revised air intake for better cooling
10. Easily detachable main wings reduce damage during a crash
Brand : Hee Wing RC
Model : T1 Ranger PNP
Wingspan : 730mm
Length : 645mm
Height : 140mm
Weight : 
Takeoff Weight : 350g to 500gram
Fuselage Size : 245m(L) x 51mm(W) x 48mm(H)
Minimum Speed : <20km/h
Maximum Speed : >120km/h
Maximum Range : > 25km
Maximum Cruise Time : > 65min
Package Dimension : 400mm x 230mm x 155mmm

What's included
1x T1 Ranger - PNP (color of your choice and wheel option)
- Preinstalled 2x 1404 BL motor, 2x FX-20A ESC, 3x 5G Digital Servo, 5V 2A UBEC, 2x 3830 propellers, Quick Release Wiring Plug for the Main Wings.

Requires your own/not included
Radio - Minimum 4 channels
Battery : 2-3S 1300mAh - 5000mAh *recommended
Charger : supports 2-3S LiPo charging

- factory T1 Ranger PNP comes with plastic wheel/landing gear, you may select the aluminum version in Red.
- each of your main wings, tail and fuselage are individually box within the external shipping box for maximum protection during shipping
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