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Hee Wing

Hee Wing T1 Ranger - special edition

Hee Wing T1 Ranger - special edition

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Ever had something that was awesome and became your to-go-plane? One of our friends fell in love with the T1 Ranger PRO and made a special edition of it! This is exclusive here on FTC RC:

Hee Wing T1 Ranger - special edition

Based on the Hee Wing T1 Ranger PRO it adds a special foam color setup and the carbon boom. Its unique look makes it the eye catcher! 

The grey belly covers the dirt and grass from the landings while your FPV buddies will easily spot the white wings in the air. And yes ... it looks cool too, admitted!

YOU decide how your T1 PRO special edition will look like: There are two hatches included so you can swap out the color or combination to make the hatches unique in your way!



By default the T1 Ranger Pro comes with the metal gear servos and new motors and 25A ESCs! Experience up to 45% more power on 4s with the same props. The other specs are as in the regular Hee Wing T1 Ranger PRO:

  • Material: EPP/ ABS+PC / Carbon fiber 
  • Dimension: Wingspan730mm / Length 645mm/ Height140mm
  • Takeoff Weight: 350g~ 500g
  • Fuselage size: L245mm x W51mm x H48 mm
  • Minimum Speed: < 20km/h
  • Maximum Speed: > 120km/h
  • Maximum Range: > 25km
  • Maximum Cruise: > 65 Mins
  • Motors: FX-1406-3150KV Brushless
  • ESC: FX-25A Brushless
  • Battery: 2S~4S 1300mah~3500mah
  • Propeller: FX-3830
  • Servo: FX-7G metal gear digital servo Tension: > 600g( Dynamic testing in 3s Brushless)
  • Package dimension: 400mm X 230mm X 155 mm
  • Gross weight: 880g


  • lightweight and portable, Quick disassembly design, disassembly ano assembly only takes one minute.
  • The new 1406 dual motors have strong power and the thrust-to-weight ratio is as high as 1.71
  • Excellent aerodynamic design, slow flight is more stable
  • Small wingspan. large space. worry-frep placement of electronic equipment
  • The design of doubling the adjustable range of the center-of-gravity, taking into account the dual flight requirements of light and heavy load
  • Two section hatch with mechanical bayonet design, making the structure more reliable
  • Supports installation of external camera using a common mount


Extra last minute RadioMaster combos

There are some optional combos you can choose from. One offers the brand new RadioMaster TX12 MK2 ExpressLRS transmitter while another one gives a RadioMaster RP1 ExpressLRS Receiver.

Did we already mention FREE SHIPPING on this one? Well... there you have it! Be special and pick the special edition as your next project.




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